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GitHub is being purchased by Microsoft, Oh NO!

Source: Microsoft is acquiring GitHub. After reports emerged that the software giant was in talks to acquire GitHub, Microsoft is making it official today. This is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s second big acquisition, following the $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn two years ago. GitHub was last valued at $2 billion back in 2015, and Microsoft is paying $7.5 billion in…
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06/06/2018 0

Using a proxy/VPN in WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux)

This was something we thought would have been implemented immediately. However it was not. There is a way. It is a manual edit to the resolv.conf nano /etc/resolv.conf nameserver nameserver search ctrl+x y enter Once you have done this, you should be able to use all of your regular Linux tools with…
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03/30/2018 0

How to fix the broken kali WSL

Fairly recently there was an update to Kali Linux and the Distribution name changed. This causes WSL to not even see/forget that you installed Kali Linux in WSL. This is simple to fix: wslconfig.exe /setdefault kali-rolling bash cd Once done, you can do: apt update && apt upgrade -y && apt dist-upgrade -y   Once…
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03/29/2018 0

Linux Game Servers?

We all know Linux is the best, and it is because of this reason we can provide superior servers for the following games and assist with users setting up their own servers, on or off of our machines. Teamspeak included! The links to these images will give you a guide for how to setup your…
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03/13/2018 0

Insurgency? Combat & Tactical Realism

It really is no secret that when it comes to Combat & Tactical Realism, the oldest tricks are the best tricks.It is with great excitement that we announce we are actively hosting, and developing mod’s, maps, and other content for the Insurgency game series. We now have a server running on the domain Currently…
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03/09/2018 0

Kerbal Space Program 1.4 Making History Expansion Released!

Tonight the KSP 1.4 release was made. As we update the server and the mods, we ask for patience. We will post again as soon as the server is back up! We expect everything to be in order by the 13-14 of March.

03/06/2018 0

Graphics and 3D Modeling Specialist Wanted

Project: Video Game Development Engine: Unity   Requirements: Knowledge of Windows and Linux/MacOS Systems. The team will require patients. We currently have one team member who is a Art Director and she will be assisting in any judgment calls and changes. Lots of free time and the willingness to experiment and grow as a person.…
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03/05/2018 0

Setting up your Raspberry Pi (WiFi) as a Hotspot

I recommend only doing this with a Raspberry Pi 3B. You can buy them on amazon.  A 0w model will not grant you a functioning hotspot with internet connectivity. If you are like me, you have already configured the root user password and modified your system a great deal. If not, please do this: sudo…
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03/03/2018 0

VPN prices at an all time low! 9.99$!!!!

You cannot beat that for protection. 10$ a month? We do not log the VPN traffic. CONTACT US TODAY! VPN Hosting  

02/26/2018 0

KSP Public Server Bans

Unfortunately there comes a time when malicious users, join a game, and ruin it for other players. Since they have decided to do this, we took a vote and decided to ban those players from joining. If your craft was deleted or destroyed, please forgive us. We will be monitoring which users do such things…
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