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Using a proxy/VPN in WSL (Windows Subsystem Linux)

This was something we thought would have been implemented immediately. However it was not. There is a way. It is a manual edit to the resolv.conf nano /etc/resolv.conf nameserver nameserver search ctrl+x y enter Once you have done this, you should be able to use all of your regular Linux tools with…
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03/30/2018 0

WordPress and HTTPS (SSL)

Notes: You will need to have a verified SSL certificate installed on your web server. As I started using wordpress the first thing I noticed is, it has a lot of plugins. People can modify those plugins, even the design and core elements. This opens up the possibility to attackers. First and foremost you need…
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07/05/2017 0

MariaDB (Maria) & WordPress

First thing I noticed was a few dependency issues for this. It is a drop in for MySQL so…… I am not going to write a blot about that. However, when I launched wordpress using Maria,.. It was lightning fast without even considering the possibility of doing a cache plugin. I am a big fan…
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07/02/2017 0
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